In majority of states driving without car insurance is considered against the law and therefore carries some severe penalties. In general car insurance is intended to protect you, the driver as well as other people from being financially ruined in case of a vehicular accident. It can also serve as your fallback in case your car is damaged, vandalized, or stolen depending on the actual coverage of your policy.More than being a protection for you and your vehicle, car insurance is actually a social obligation that is taken seriously by responsible car owners and drivers. You can just imagine the harm that can be caused when an accident happens and you have neither the capability to pay for the damages nor the car insurance to cover your liabilities.


There are six basic coverage that are included in car insurance. There can be more depending on where you live or how much protection you believe you need. The coverage includes liability for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury protection, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist’s coverage. There are also other options that you can include in your car insurance coverage like roadside assistance or rental reimbursement for example. All of these car insurance features are designed for a specific purpose and should be looked at carefully to help you understand the level of protection you have against liabilities.

Personal injury protection coverage on the other hand is specific to medical bills and potential wages lost for passengers of your car during the accident. This liability protection can also be used to cover funeral expenses in case one or more of your passengers die because of the accident. You should realize though that this liability protection can be replaced by a good disability and health insurance coverage in which case you can buy the minimum amount for this coverage. The coverage included by this liability protection also includes payments for the injuries that you sustain from the accident. The coverage of this car insurance plan can be enforced even if you do not own the car and even if the accident is caused by someone else.
Collision liability coverage in your car insurance policy is used to pay for the repair of damages on the vehicle you are driving during the accident. Normally when the amount of the repairs exceeds 70% of the value of your car it is considered as a wreck and will no longer be qualified for repairs. The insurance company will instead offer you a cash payment equivalent to the value of the car prior to the accident. To make sure that collision liability does not raise your monthly premiums unnecessarily, make sure that you raise the amount of your deductible. It is important to remember though that the amount of deductible will come from your pocket in case the collision liability coverage is enforced.
Car insurance comprehensive coverage is used for paying damages to your car which is not the result of the accident. This means it provides you financial protection in case your car gets vandalized, bursts into flame, gets broken into, or is a victim of natural calamities. Depending on the actual provisions of your car insurance policy, comprehensive coverage can include replacement of your wind shield in case it gets accidentally broken.

The uninsured/underinsured motorist’s coverage can be used in paying your medical bills just in case a driver that has no car insurance policy accidentally hits you including being victimized by a hit-and-run. This liability coverage also includes payment of medical bills which cannot be covered by the insurance plan of the driver that caused the accident. The amount that can be covered by this liability protection would depend on your actual coverage limit. Basically this liability protection is centered more on your needs which can be met in case the other driver does not have enough car insurance coverage.
Essentially, when considering car insurance coverage, monthly premiums should not be the only factor you must focus on. Accidents are very hard to predict and can come in varying degrees. For your peace of mind and those of your loved ones, it is important to always take into consideration potential damages that can arise from accidents. In the same manner, it is equally important to take note of other possibilities in your neighborhood like if a car is prone to theft or may be a victim of natural calamities. A car is one of the more costly investments that you can have in your life and as such ample car insurance policy protection should be available to safeguard your investment.

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