Excess Liability Over the West Virginia Board of Risk & Insurance Management

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Excess Limits: The Distinct Advantage!

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Each insured receives a separate Excess Liability Policy. The limit of liability purchased is exclusive to the entity purchasing the coverage. This is unlike the State’s primary coverage, wherein the primary limit of liability is shared on an occurrence basis.

Limits up to $5 million may be purchased by each entity. This is a distinct advantage as the West Virginia Board of Risk & Insurance Management’s coverage amount is limited to $1 million. Claims can come from various sources – police departments, wrongful termination, parks, playgrounds, transportation, ambulances, utilities, etc.

Beyond the more traditional bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury claims, public officials are individually and collectively exposed to “wrongful acts” claims for the alleged failure to adequately protect or act in the best interest of the public or your members. 

We can also provide excess sub limits of sexual abuse and molestation coverage if desired.

Our quotes are offered on A++ XV insurance carrier on an admitted and non-admitted paper.

Need a Quote?

In order to obtain a new business quote, we will need the attached excess application completed in addition to a list of drivers, loss runs, and supplemental Housing Authority spreadsheet if applicable. Please include a detailed description of operations and if you know of any additional information that would be helpful in the new business process, please include it in the submission.

In submitting loss runs, you only need to report LIABILITY losses over $10,000 and for the previous five years.

On page two of the application, be sure to break out the BRIM auto liability from the All-Other Liability as it is required to obtain a quotation.

Please forward this information either by email to cc@brayandoakley.com or fax it to 304-752-2872, and if there is a deadline for the quote, please indicate it on the application.

Our Excess Liability Program Provides Protection for Your:

General Liability

Employer's Liability

Automobile Liability

Wrongful Acts

Professional Liability

Products Liability

Police Professionals

Broad Form


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