Supplemental Health Insurance in Lexington KY

Supplemental Health Insurance is additional Health Insurance you can buy to help families and individuals deal with additional medical care. Including the extra costs associated with hospital stays.

Make Sure You’re Better Covered.

Make sure you have help for the extra costs of health care. That way, you have less concern when the bills are due and you have assistance with the extra costs.

Cover the Costs Better - Even Those That Aren’t Normally Covered.

Supplemental Health Insurance is an insurance plan that helps cover costs above and beyond standard health insurance policies. They may provide additional insurance coverage or help pay for costs not covered by a traditional health insurance plan, including coinsurance, copays, and deductibles. There are many options to consider.

What Supplemental Health Insurance Can Cover

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Critical Illness

This type of insurance provides a cash benefit paid directly to you if you require treatment for a specific disease such as cancer.

Accidental Death

This type of insurance typically reimburses you for medical costs resulting from accidents. Benefits are paid to your beneficiaries if you die.

Hospital Indemnity

This type of insurance provides a daily, weekly, or monthly cash benefit if you are hospitalized. There is often a minimum hospital stay before benefits are paid.

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