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Businesses are facing tougher environmental laws and greater public scrutiny than ever before. So, if your business were to accidentally cause pollution, contamination, or another type of environmental damage, it could be costly on many levels:

1.  The replacing or repairing of your damaged equipment
2.  The inevitable loss of business following a disaster
3.  The expensive damages for the clean-up operation
4.  The threat of potential expensive lawsuits  

Most businesses would assume that a General Liability Policy would cover these damages, but that assumption is wrong – and it could cost you plenty.  These costs aren’t covered, so it’s important to purchase a separate environmental insurance policy for added protection.

In addition if your business faces long-term risks, Environmental Insurance is essential. An example of long-term risk would be historical contamination resulting from business operations in the past but are causing damage in the present. 

Oftentimes, Environmental Insurance Policies will cover the costs of defending claims regardless of if they result in a damages award. Having and holding an Environmental Insurance Policy can also be a great public relations move for your business. It shows your business has thought about the risks, and you’re taking the advice of insurers to reduce the likelihood of an incident. 

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