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Hey, everybody, I’m Mike with local impact. I’m here chatting with Claude singleton from Bray and Oakley. Claude, if you don’t mind, just take a second and explain to the people who Bray and Oakley is what they do and what they offer.


Very good. Bray and Oakley Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency. Independent means that we work several companies, we don’t have one company that we have to stick with. And we’re a multi line company, which means we do all different kinds of insurance, auto home, life insurance, business insurance. And so there’s a lot of things that we do for people. And we can pick out different companies depending upon your needs. It’s a wonderful thing. We have three offices in West Virginia and three offices in in Kentucky. And we’ve been around since 1920. It’s a wonderful, family owned business that’s passed on to four generations. It’s a good place to be


Great, great. We’ve got a lot of people that are starting to ask questions about ATV insurance can you just take some time and talk about maybe define what an ATV actually is for the people


Be glad to, thanks, Mike. ATV means all terrain vehicle. And it’s basically an off the road vehicle for fun. It can be often just three, it can be a three wheeler or a four wheeler in different different things. And we will insure that for someone based on their need, you don’t have to insure it necessarily. But we like to insure things if they’ve gotten value to them. Let’s just say you bought it at your local dealer and there’s a there’s a pretty good price tag, you’re still paying money on it. Yeah, you better insurance, you got to the physical damages for if you have comprehensive and collision as physical damages to that to that vehicle. And you can also have a liability. And there’s a thing for injuries on that vehicle as well. So this ATV can be a lot of fun, but it can be a significant responsibility and a risk. And we will help you to work with that risk based on what you need and what you want.


Awesome. So I know you mentioned things like you know still owing, you know, still paying off when your ATV Is it is it required that I have insurance on my ATV?


Your bank would require that you would need to have physical damages covered that they would be comprehensive coverage would be like: fire, theft, striking an animal or tree falls on it or, or acts of nature happening to that vehicle and tearing it up. The other big collision where you run into something run into a hill or a tree or somebody another bike or something that would be a problem. This is off roading. But there’s still a liability that there’s still a risk of what you can be doing.


Great. Awesome. So will my car insurance cover my ATV?


That’s a good question. Many companies will allow us to put an ATV on a car policy. And we will visit about that and see if this is the best way to do it. We will also look at at a separate ATV policy. We’ve got different companies who will actually just do that kind of policy. And it is not on the road. It is off road. But they have specific policies that we can that we can see about we’ll look at benefits and coverages what fits your circumstance. And we recommend that that medical items also be covered. We will we will recommend that. Although you may be able to opt out of that. We do recommend because things happen. You having fun and things happen.


Sure, though that was my next question is if I know they’re dangerous, I see things on the news all the time. What’s covered in medical expenses and things like that if I were to buy one and get hurt?


Yes, yes. That’s a problem. And also they can be social vehicles, if you will, you got a couple of guys with you and you’re riding together and it turns out one of them does not have insurance. And you didn’t know that, there’s a way of having medical payments, injuries for his sake or her sake, covered by your policy. And it’s not much money at all. So I do think no matter what kind of health insurance you may have, it’s better to have the medical protection on this as well medical payments on this as well. It’s inexpensive, it’s a good thing to do.


Sure. So what are the different types of ATV coverage that you can get?


Okay, first would be liability where you’re actually injuring someone else. You’re not on your vehicle. You’re injuring someone else, either their person, their body or their property. And if you don’t have that liability coverage, it’s out of your pocket. If you opted to say well, no, I don’t need not only coverage for that stuff. I’ll just I’ll just ride and have fun, I’ll just be real careful. If you injure someone else, it is your problem. And they will come after you. And I’m not an attorney, don’t pretend to be one. I’m just an insurance agent. But this is good insurance advice. Also, we have that’s the liability for hitting injuring someone else. We’ve also got protection for the vehicle itself, if you choose it. You can have comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. And we’ll tell you all what those are. But that is if there’s physical damages to that vehicle, then we can help you with with repairing that. And then the medical payments, which I mentioned a minute ago, medical payments will be injuries to people on your on your vehicle, that you’ve that happened because of riding on this vehicle. And that’s that’s a big deal. So all those different things affect in different ways. You may not need comprehensive and collision that is you say it’s an old one, I don’t owe any money on it, I’ll just take my chances on that. But you would still want to have the liability and the medical payments, you’d still want to have that.


Great, great. So what, is it relatively expensive to insure my ATV? Is it? Can you share on that for a second?


Sure can, I can’t give exact numbers because actually what county you live in even. But in general, the cost is higher, if you’ve got a higher value vehicle, a newer vehicle that’s significant. And I’ve seen some that are amazing. That’s a higher price, it’s a fair price with the higher price and all as it gets older or smaller model. There’s less premium for the comprehensive and collision on that. So but we’ll talk about that as well, we can we can just go cover through and look at adding this to your auto policy, or do we write a separate one? And that all that’s part of the factor that is cost.

Sure. Is there anything else ATV wise that you would share with someone who’s either who owns one currently or is thinking about getting one just anything?

Well, it’s just advice. And again, I think like an insurance guy, been an insurance guy for quite a while. That is don’t loan it out to someone who didn’t know what they’re doing. And we always say don’t loan them out at all. But be careful. There’s different capabilities with people and you might have a very good friend who has no no knowledge about what he’s doing or what she’s doing and unfamiliar with the terrain and all that stuff. So be careful, be nice, be careful, and protect what you have. And you’re better off for doing that.

Awesome. Awesome. Claude I think that wraps up for ATV questions. Do you want to say anything how to reach out to your company where they can find you all?

Very good. You can probably see listed here our number. We’re in West Virginia where Kentucky give us a call. Each of our offices work very well. And you can ask for me if you’d like but you don’t need to talk with me. Because we’ve got very fine customer service people here and just excellent people to work with. But give us a call Bray and Oakley. We like to help people.

Great great Claude, thanks for talking to us about ATVs today. I really appreciate it.

Thank you, Mike.

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