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Water Line Protection Insurance for Unexpected Incidents

Why My Utility Company Needs Water and Sewer Insurance Coverage

Are you concerned that you may have leaks in your company’s current water and utility insurance policies? Are you sure that your company even has the protection needed for unexpected incidents? As a municipal entity, wastewater and sewer district, or water entity supplier, you must ensure that your company’s policy does not have gaps in it that could lead to exponential damage down the road. It’s your job to provide quality utility services to your customers; we want to make it our job to partner with you to provide the best coverage for your company and the people who work hard to keep our communities running properly.

What is Utility Insurance Coverage?

As a leader in your industry, you know that incidents happen around the area every day that can lead to confusion and mishap. What you don’t need is for those incidents to cause an even further disturbance by causing damages that can be irreversible.

Running a utility service company involves the risk of liability lawsuits due to property damage and losses due to incidents such as equipment failures and breakdowns. These mishaps are often the results of natural disasters, or something more common, like a faulty part in the system. Unfortunately, these things happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the worst by obtaining the best backup plan possible.

Our water utility insurance specialists at Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency are qualified to shop the top insurance carriers to meet the unique needs of your company, which could include:

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – if a crucial piece of equipment stops working, it can temporarily halt your utility service’s operations. This insurance policy covers repairs, maintenance, and rental equipment during such instances.
  • Public Entity Management Liability Coverage (PEML) – this insurance policy covers the losses brought on by the misconducts of duties of a public entity, such as a water utility company. These errors could include any act or omission that results in property damage or injury.
  • Pollution Liability Coverage – this policy is for utility companies who may need coverage for any backup issues with chlorine and sodium hypochlorite in water or sewage lines.
  • Supply Chain Risk Insurance Coverage – utility service companies rely on others in their supply chain. This policy helps to discover weaknesses and avoid losses by creating a contingency plan.

More Water and Sewer Line Protection Options

The Bray & Oakley team knows much more goes into a water and sewer line protection plan than what most standard utility line insurance policies cover; that’s why we strive to provide all options available to you before you make a decision.

More coverage plans to consider when determining what is needed in your utility line company’s insurance plan could include:

  • Mental Anguish Coverage
  • Per Location Aggregate Coverage
  • Failure to Supply Coverage
  • Asbestos Exception for “Portable Water” Coverage
  • No Lead Exclusion Coverage
  • Crime Coverage
  • Property Insurance
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Management Liability Insurance
  • Privacy & Cyber Insurance
  • Public Officials & Management Liability Insurance
  • Excess Liability Insurance

Failure to Supply Insurance Coverage

As a reminder, if you serve in one of the following water district or water-related entities, you need to check that your company’s insurance policy is up-to-date by having an experienced independent insurance agent review your policy regularly. The following policies can help to ensure that you have the right package for your company and that you are covered to the best of your abilities:

  • Fresh Water Supply Districts (FWSD)
  • Private & Mutual Water Companies
  • Water Improvement Districts (WID)
  • Water Utilities
  • Navigation Districts (ND)
  • Irrigation Districts
  • Special Utility Districts (SID)
  • Drainage & Ditch Districts
  • River Authorities (RA)
  • Reclamation Districts
  • Natural Resource Districts (NRD)
  • Municipal Utility Districts (MUD)
  • Water Treatment Districts
  • Levee Districts
  • Sewage Districts
  • Water Control or Improvement Districts (WCID)
  • Metro Districts
  • Groundwater Conservation Districts

Need Guidance on Water & Sewer Insurance?

You’re there for so many, let us be here for you! If you provide services in the State of West Virginia or the State of Kentucky, contact our team here at Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency for a policy review and quote now.

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