A comprehensive and inclusive guide to comprehensive insurance coverage

According to the data from the West Virginia department of motor vehicles, 967 people died in road accidents in 2021. And the death number is 15% more as compared to 2020. Moreover, the statistics of 2021 have shown 161 people get injured daily in traffic accidents. Car insurance is considered the best way to support you financially and medically after an accident. A lot of people consider themselves careful drivers and think they will never face an accident. But the probability of an accident is 50:50. 

Let’s suppose you are a careful and responsible driver but there maybe someone on the road who is driving recklessly putting hundreds of lives in danger. That is why it is appreciated to have car insurance that can prevent you from financial burden and damage from an accident. To find the best car insurance plans and then an inclusive range of insurance policies you can visit Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency. Here we have an inclusive guide about comprehensive car insurance and its salient features that you need to know before buying an insurance plan. 

Complete guide to comprehensive car insurance coverage

A comprehensive car insurance plan is loaded with advantageous coverage options and damage protection that are not commonly found in third-party insurance plans. Here we have all the answers to your questions about comprehensive car insurance. 

Where to get the best full coverage car insurance plan?

If you are in West Virginia and want to have the best comprehensive car insurance coverage plan under an affordable and less expensive price visit Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency. There are a lot of different companies in West Virginia that offer comprehensive vehicle insurance plans. Most of these companies are highly expensive relative to the damage covers they offer. 

If you want to avoid high insurance rates but need maximum coverage and facilities Bray & Oakley insurance company is a better choice. At Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency you can get a very reasonable comprehensive car insurance coverage plan with more facilities as compared to other companies in West Virginia. Visit their website (https://brayandoakley.com/) and learn about their comprehensive car insurance coverage. 

What does comprehensive car insurance mean?

The comprehensive car insurance coverage is complete protection for multiple types of losses. Whether your car is damaged due to your fault, you have destructed someone’s property, or the other driver is at fault. A comprehensive insurance plan will cover your loss in all situations. Though in West Virginia the law says, the company whose driver would be at fault has to pay for the damages. And the trend is more towards third-party liabilities coverage. Sometimes there is a situation in which the driver who is at fault decides to blame you for the accident, hires an attorney, or takes the matter to the court. 

In such a situation your comprehensive car insurance coverage can save you from all sides including legal expenses. Moreover, a comprehensive car insurance plan provides full protection against theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, etc. Comprehensive car insurance offers maximum handling of the loss as compared to third-party insurance. However, it is commonly believed that comprehensive car insurance coverage is very expensive. But it is not true for all companies. The most affordable and reasonable comprehensive coverage is offered by Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency

What does comprehensive car insurance cover?

As a complete coverage plan, comprehensive car insurance provides support in both at-fault and no-fault situations. It also covers different types of damages to your car due to some specifically defined situations like fire, theft, tree fall, etc. Moreover, a comprehensive insurance plan also provides compensation for the death penalty, financial support for legal matters, coverage for regular wear and tear. 

On the other hand, third-party liability coverage only offers a single type of damage cover. If you have insurance for bodily injury and you have hurt someone in an accident, your company will only pay for their medical expense. Similarly, if you have insurance for property damage, it will only offer property repairs. But comprehensive insurance coverage is a full range coverage for every type of loss in an accident. 

Some situations that companies define as non-collision damages are also included in the comprehensive package. 

  • A forest fire or mechanical fire.

  • Heavy rainfall and flood. 

  • Windshield breakage due to hail storms.

  • Theft & vandalism.

  • Tree fall due to storms.

  • Hit by an animal such as moose 

  • Landslide or mudslide.

  • Snowstorms or blizzards.

What are the benefits of comprehensive car insurance? 

Third-party insurance plans are cheaper options but comprehensive car insurance coverage is also available in reasonable and affordable price ranges at Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency. Comprehensive insurance offers a wide range of protection against many unforeseen situations other than collisions. Full-coverage comprehensive insurance provides complete protection against collision and non-collision losses. Moreover, it also offers reimbursement for the losses that are incurred after an accident. 

For example, income loss due to medical injury or support for medical disability. None of the third-party insurance plans except comprehensive insurance offer you the full range of protection against natural calamities and non-collision damages. Your car is protected against weather severities, car thefts, civil war, riots, and a bunch of other natural disasters. A comprehensive car insurance plan has plenty of benefits and some of them are listed below.

1. Your damage will be covered even if you were the cause of the collision

The major difference between third-party insurance coverage plans and comprehensive car insurance coverage is that when you are at fault in an accident your third-party coverage does not offer any support or financial assistance for your loss. It only pays for the other driver’s damage. On the other hand, a comprehensive coverage plan always has your back even if you are at fault in an accident

2. Personalized and enhanced protection

Let’s suppose your car is damaged in an accident and it cannot be driven on road. Your third-party insurance offers the repair cost and after repair, you continue driving your car. Due to the repair, your car will be highly devalued. And you would not get a handsome amount when you try to sell it. On the other hand, if you have a personalized or complete package of comprehensive car insurance you can get a new car instead of a repair. 

3. Several add-on features

Third-party insurance coverage only protects you in three ways. Support and cover for bodily injury, property damage, and against the uninsured motorist. But if we consider comprehensive car insurance coverage, it offers several features like roadside assistance, engine protection, passenger protection, no depreciation in car value, and even car registration facilities. These add-ons cannot be purchased in third-party liability policy they are specially designed for personalized comprehensive plans.

When should I stop getting comprehensive car insurance?

The best way to save money on car insurance is to make sure that you are not paying for the policy that you don’t need according to your requirements. Comprehensive insurance is a bit pricey that’s why people drop it when they couldn’t afford it. But it is a very critical moment and you need to carefully figure out whether you should drop comprehensive car insurance coverage or keep it. 


  1. You can get property damage cover, car repair, and medical facility for yourself too. 

  2. All types of damages are reimbursed if you have a full option comprehensive plan. 

  3. Comprehensive insurance offers you financial support even if your fault is 100%. 

  4. Legal support in a form of an insurance attorney is also provided.


  1. Some companies charge for full coverage but provide damage cover only for non-collision losses in the name of comprehensive car insurance. 

  2. If you are living in a no-fault state like New York, you don’t need full coverage. 

So the conclusion is if you are in West Virginia and want to prevent yourself from financial breakdown after the accident, go for a full-coverage comprehensive car insurance plan from a renowned agency like Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency. At a very reasonable rate, they offer what they mention.

Is comprehensive car insurance full coverage?

As we have mentioned earlier, comprehensive car insurance provides multiple protection options against different types of damages that are not usually included in third-party insurance coverages. However, comprehensive car insurance is also divided into subtypes and you can select the policy that suits you the best according to your car, driving habits, condition of roads in your area, etc. 

Comprehensive coverage also acts as full coverage

If you have a complete package of comprehensive car insurance it will be considered as full coverage including reimbursement for every major and minor damage to your car, someone’s property, another car, and your medical health and other people’s medical health. In this type of insurance, you can get coverage for small damages, tuning, oil changes, mechanical works, roadside assistance, and much more. Collision and non-collision damages and repairs are offered by the insurance companies when you buy a full coverage comprehensive car insurance plan. 

Different definitions of comprehensive car insurance

Many companies have defined comprehensive car insurance as coverage for only non-collision damages. Also, the early definition of comprehensive insurance offered damage cover against fire, theft, vandalism, animal hit, tree fall, and natural disasters only. But now many companies have introduced comprehensive insurance coverage as full insurance coverage. You can also get a personalized and tailored insurance plan according to your needs.

What is the average cost of comprehensive car insurance?

In all American states, car insurance cost varies. Some states have the highest insurance prices compared to the rest. West Virginia is one of those states in which car insurance plans are quite expensive. Affordable rates are available at Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency. There are a lot of factors that decide insurance rates. In West Virginia due to more natural disasters and climate conditions insurance rates is high. Moreover, car insurance agencies define insurance rates based on numerous factors including your location, vehicle health, area demographics, your driving habits, your past driving attitude, crime rate, etc.  In West Virginia, the trend of insurance is third-party liability coverage Because of the at-fault law of the state.  Depending upon the types of insurance we have divided the price range into two categories. 

Minimum coverage rates

Third-party insurance is divided into subtypes and in the minimum coverage plan, you can only buy a single subtype of third-party car insurance under a price range of $500 annually. For example, if you have bought minimum coverage for property damage, and you have an accident in which your fault is proved. Your insurance will offer damage coverage for the other driver’s property. 

Comprehensive car insurance coverage

The comprehensive insurance plan or full coverage offers complete protection for property, medical, physical, and vehicle damage in an accident no matter who is at fault. In West Virginia, you have to pay around $1,600 annually for full coverage or comprehensive car insurance. The price seems very high but they are companies like Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency that offer complete coverage in an affordable price range.

Bottom Line 

Always watch your driving habits and enhance your road sense to avoid accidents. Keep yourself safe. Must buy an insurance plan that meets your needs from a renowned and affordable insurance company like Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency. Their comprehensive car insurance plan is defined as the best type and full coverage. They are also very famous insurance providers in West Virginia. 

A comprehensive plan from Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency offers the highest level of security and financial assistance to your car. And as we have discussed, it provides you a complete coverage against all the damages, accidents including theft, vandalism, fire, and natural catastrophes. Don’t forget to check the prices before buying comprehensive car insurance. And for the best and most inexpensive insurance rates visit Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency.