What are the different types of car insurance and which one is best for you in West Virginia?

Maybe you are a very responsible car owner who drives with care and does not break rules or jump red lights. But, no matter how mannerly you drive on road, still, there are some chances of unexpected mishaps like an accident, car breakdown, tire burst, natural or manly disasters. So, car insurance is the best way to free yourself from financial stress and worries in a situation of an accident, property damage, and medical expense after an accident. 

You might know about car insurance and how it works but do you know about the types of car insurance? There are different kinds of car insurance policies that provide insurance coverages on different conditions, situations, and depending on the damage. In this article, we have different types of car insurance coverage explained. You will learn about different types of car insurance and which one is the best for you in West Virginia.

What are the different kinds of car insurance coverage?

Before buying auto insurance it is very important for you to have some knowledge about different types of car insurance coverages and which one is the best for you in West Virginia. With your basic package, you can also choose different addendums to improve the level of insurance protection. Here we have seven different types of car insurance coverage explained. However, for the most inexpensive and inclusive insurance plans visit Bray & Oakley Insurance.

1. Coverage for property damage

Property damage insurance pays for the damages that your vehicle caused to someone else’s property. It includes all types of properties such as buildings, cars, driveways, etc. For example, you are driving on a wet slippery road, your vehicle loses control and slides into someone’s fence, driveway, or vehicle on road. Property damage insurance will pay for the repairs.

2. Insurance against uninsured 

This type of insurance covers the damages and supports paying your expenses if you are involved in an accident caused by an uninsured driver. For example, your car gets hit by another car from behind. The damage is massive and the other driver has no insurance or his insurance limit isn’t meeting your requirements. In this situation, your policy will kick in and help you to pay for the medical bills and bear the expenses like vehicle repairs. 

3. Guaranteed asset protection coverage

In a normal car insurance policy when your car is totaled in an accident you receive the current market value of your car but not the price you have paid when you bought it. For example, you went to buy a new vehicle and it cost you $20,000. You drove your car for a year and unfortunately, your car was totaled in an accident. Now your insurance coverage will offer the current market value of the car ($13,000) due to depreciation. However, if you have GAP insurance you can get the purchasing amount which is $20,000.

4. Collision insurance coverage

Collision protection is one of the most commonly acquired types of auto insurance. This coverage offers damage and repairs for the insurance holder’s car in case of an accident. For example, if you are driving on a snowy road and your car slips and hits the sidewall after losing traction or with another vehicle, collision coverage will pay for the damage to your car. 

5. Insurance for bodily injury

This type of insurance covers all the medical bills and income loss of the person that you have injured in an accident. For example, your car collides with someone’s car and they get injured. Bodily injury insurance will help you to pay their medical bills and income loss. Accidents in which medical damages occur mostly face legal inquiries or court cases. Bodily injury coverage also helps you to pay the legal expenses. 

6. Comprehensive insurance 

Comprehensive insurance coverage is wide protection against accidents and mishaps that are not in anyone’s control. For example, it includes coverage against theft, natural calamities, fire damage, due to animal hitting, etc. But comprehensive insurance does not offer coverage for car accidents or collisions. It will offer full coverage for the damage due to a hail storm but not for an accident with another car. Bray & Oakley Insurance offers the most reasonable insurance plans in West Virginia and Kentucky. 

7. Rental car coverage

If you would add rental car insurance to your policy, you can drive a rental car during the repairing time of your car and the insurance company will pay the car rental. An average car repair after an accident requires a time of 10-15 days. If you do not want to use public transport you can take benefit by including rental car reimbursement to your policy.

Which insurance coverage and insurance provider are the best for you in West Virginia?

The insurance coverages mentioned above are of distinctive importance. And before shopping for car insurance, you must take a look at all the available options, choose according to your requirement. For example, if you live in West Virginia (an area with extreme weather conditions, floods, mudslides, heavy snowfall, or rain) you may take a comprehensive insurance coverage plan. For the best, affordable insurance plans choose Bray & Oakley Insurance in West Virginia and Kentucky. And if you live in a city with an elevated ratio of car accidents, you may go for collision protection or GAP coverage.