What is the insurance claim process after a car accident in West Virginia?

In most American states car insurance is mandatory. And it is necessary for a good reason in most of the states including West Virginia. According to a calculation, every year the economic loss due to property damage, road damage, and car damage is around $242 billion. Bodily injuries, deaths, and societal damage are far more. And in most American states, if you are at fault in an accident, you have to pay for medical bills, property damage, and repairing costs to the other driver and passengers. 

Your vehicle may also face damage or you may also need medical facilities after an accident. That’s why a car insurance plan must be on your priority list. However, most people have queries about the auto insurance claim procedure. Today, we will explain all the necessary steps and auto insurance processes in detail.

An inclusive guide about the car insurance claim process

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A lot of people do not know how to continue their insurance claim procedure after they had an accident. Here we have a complete and comprehensive guide about the auto insurance claim process in which we are going to explain every single question. Also, we have mentioned all the important steps that you should follow for a convenient claim process.

How does auto insurance claim work?

In simple words, if you are in West Virginia and your car is insured, you will receive a reimbursement amount for medical bills, property damage, and car repairs after having an accident. It is just for your understanding of how insurance claim works. However, it is not that simple. You have to go through a whole procedure to get the insurance claim. The process is divided into three stages with different timelines. In West Virginia the insurance claim timeline is defined as;

  1. Fifteen working days for the acknowledgment of damage, investigation of the accident, calculation of the loss, and transfer of instructions to the policyholder. 

  2. After that, ten working days for the decision making based on investigation, proof of the accident, and evaluation of loss.

  3. After that, another fifteen days are required for approval of claim and payment of loss. 

However, some companies like Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency offer a very convenient and quick payment without delaying any step of the procedure. 

How to get started with an auto insurance claim in West Virginia?

Whether you are at fault or the accident didn’t occur because of you, the first thing that you should do is; notify your insurance company. Your insurance provider can protect you in many situations if you will timely inform the company. To start with an auto insurance claim in West Virginia follow these steps:

Info and evidence collection

Try to gather as much information as possible from the accident scene because it will not only help your insurance company in inquiry and investigation but also act as evidence in your favor if you weren’t at fault. Also, contact 911 and share all the information with the police at the spot.

Contact and share with your insurer

Immediately contact your insurance provider and inform the company about the accident. Also, file an insurance claim online on the company website with the required documents.

Track your claim application

Keep in touch with your insurance adjuster and cooperate through the process. They may need your help in the investigation and estimation of loss. Also keep asking for updates from your claim adjuster about the insurance reimbursement.

Be ready for any legal action

Some companies don’t cooperate properly if the loss is too much and at that time you need an attorney to help you take out your claim from your insurance company. And can settle your problem with the company in court.

What documents are needed for a car insurance claim?

Following are the documents that you should have when you are filing for your car insurance claim.

  • Insurance policy documents and details.

  • Documents of the insured vehicle.

  • Details and contact info of policyholder.

  • Driving License of the person driving the car before the accident.

  • An appropriate claim indication form having all the details.

How to take a car insurance claim?

To take your car insurance claim you have to file the claim as soon as possible. Every state has different deadlines for filing an insurance claim, do not exceed the time limit. In West Virginia, the insurance law is “at fault”. That means the insurance of the person who is at fall in an accident has to pay for the loss. It is also called a third-party car insurance claim. You can file a third-party insurance claim merely by contacting your insurance agent.

Your insurance provider will manage your claim with the other driver’s insurance company. And after a certain procedure, you will get the amount for your loss. Several factors are involved in the car insurance claim procedure. And that is why the insurance company takes time to offer you the payment. But if you feel that your company is not cooperating and violating the law you can file a lawsuit against your insurance agency.

Bottom line

After the accident, you will immediately need financial support to pay the bills if there is any medical injury. Also if your car is damaged you certainly need money for its repairs. But most of the companies in West Virginia took a lot of time in investigation and evidence collection. However, by following the above-mentioned guidelines you can easily float through the car insurance claim procedure. And can get your claim amount on time. And if you want a smooth car insurance claim process and on-time payment after an unfortunate road event, get insurance from the best serving companies like Bray & Oakley Insurance Agency. They offer the easiest and quickest car insurance claim process after an accident.